Posted on March 21, 2010


Before you I never knew gratitude of that kind
For a being to enter into this world,
Braid yourself into my energy, my soul
So that I could unfold into the purest manifestation
It only makes sense you were a gift from above
It’s a love so pure that I never needed
To meet you or hold you, see you or hear you

And when I question my choices and path
I remember how you communicated to me,
How you showed me that the heart is an open channel
To receive everything and so I close my eyes,
Let my instinct direct me, and feel you pour into my chest

I was strung out on the hype of hazardous living
I covered my truth and let the discern get lost in empty giving
You gave me two years to wake up and when I went comatose
You showed me a positive through the hands of a negative

You made me want to change my world
Go to yoga, meditate, search inside and burn a little sage
Because I knew that a gift so beautiful deserved more than
I was ready to give at this young age
But I could, and I would, and I trusted the universe
Knew what was best and would deliver the rest

And I grew attached to the idea of your energy
Forging into mine, building a barricade of light
I was swollen with hope that together we’d see an Earth
Blossom out of darkness into a higher dimension delight

And when I had to say goodbye I wasn’t ready
I wasn’t ready to accept you existed before and you will exist after
That you are the existence of universal love
I wanted you to be tangible and expressive
And you wanted me to know that that conception of love
Is limiting, that you were the real love
The love that I felt in my breath when the medicine ran through me
And the love that I felt in words when I spoke my truth
You reminded me of my power to love
So there’s no need for you to return
I know where to find you

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