Without you, where would we be :)

Posted on March 21, 2010


I was going to write something wildly expressive
But I stopped mid way in awe of movements impressive
I lifted my olive hands and stared in the lines
Consumed by the perfection of every crafted design
I could take away the mental command
And even so, my fingers would make this flow stand
They catch the words as they slip from the grasp of my mind
And scribble then onto my pad, line by line, intertwined
Like the bee and the flower, mutually receiving nutrient
Words pump energy into my spirit, like a gift heaven sent
Sometimes my sanity is dependent on the release of words
They clutter my mind and keep me up at night but on paper
Evaporate from my mind like vapor
My fingers don’t need an authority to supervise
On their own they are guided and crystallized
Carriers of every vision and word I need to purge
So I let these fingers flow with ease and freedom
As the movements transfer to my inner demeanor
Pouring passion into the empty spaces of my heart
And recognize the art has existed there from the start

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