Posted on March 23, 2010


They say freedom isn’t free but that makes no sense to me
If we could buy our freedom than why wouldn’t we?
Our ego and intellect have exploited our common sense
Got us lost in the idea that our freedom comes at some expense
But the kind of freedom that we’re willing to die for
Is the kind that will make you a spiritual prisoner of war
Marley said, “none but ourselves can free our mind”
Because Marley knew what they use to keep us blind and why
Religion, education, media, corporations
Do you really think they could exist without our desperation?

We’re asking ourselves questions about who we are
And they try to keep us content with money and movie stars
When the feeling gets overwhelming we look in another place
And they offer us drugs to keep us suffering in their embrace
There are no objects or info that can fill this worldwide void
That’s been created by generations of humans abused like toys
Big brother comes around and puts a price on our material worth
And creates a market of human dolls drowning in spiritual dearth
We vary in colors and size and come from different factories
But are connected in a cycle of life that’s become so unsatisfactory

The question of who we are and why are we here??
From the beginning the answer has been clear
We’ve been fed propaganda about ourselves
That were workers, students, insignificant at birth
But the beauty is were simply creatures of the earth
Have you ever seen a waterfall and the way the water flows?
Or a mountain in the Andes where the tip is coated in snow?
Or the way the vapor from a hot spring releases and glows?
It doesn’t really matter because it’s all a form of h20
When you are looking for answers to help our spirit ascend
You just have to see the beauty in every element
Because water may change its form a million times
But in every form there exists the divine
It never leaves, it is who you are and who you were
It’s universal love and it’s freedom worth living for

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