Posted on March 25, 2010


Every soul has its own karmic path that sets the course for many lessons and experiences necessary for our conscious progression. But there are universal lessons and I think one of the most important is the art of letting go.

I’d be interested in hearing how other people manifest this in their life…. And further, is it obvious to you why it is so important to let go of everything? I do mean everything.

Let go of what you believe about yourself. Let go of family. Let go of friends. Let go of kids. Let go of pain-based love. Let go of materials. Let go of money. Let go of the physical body. Let go of thoughts. Let go of the intellect and ego. Let go of experiences in this body. Let go of the suffering. Let go of the self-judgments. Let go of the external judgments. Let go of words. Let go of language. Let go of what you see. Let go of what you feel. Let go of expectations. Let go of boundaries. Let go of the “self”

And once you let it go, you can bring it back in from a place where it only serves you. There is nothing wrong with living the human experience, which is often wrapped up in elements above, but it’s possible to live it in a way that only radiates and attracts those elements with love.

After all, when you’ve let everything go, the next step is nothing… perfect harmony

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