it’s all right

Posted on March 26, 2010


breathe, release, into complete peace

wait, fuck it, just for a minute

i need this release

and it might not sound right

because i do miss those nights

living twisted destruction

through cheap ass consumption

go ahead label me a slacker

i still wont fuck with a nutcracker

…. but love, it was kinda fun

yeah aiite i said i’m done

but wait, there’s another hit?

word, its better i kill the clip

you got me on a cig, too?

grrl, thank you, you know what it do

i needed the air against my face

i was driftin to that other place

can you bring me back there tonight?

take me on the train

we’ll go crazy, lose ourselves

hit me up, i’m down right now

lookin fly as hell

lets be quick though

i gotta live on, see the dawn

and i promised i’d do it right

lose those lost nights

give up the fight

see the light

learn to



……into complete peace


reflection of a past experience.  it’s reckless, fun, language to express what was reckless, fun, events.

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