Interview w. Shaman Shiva

Posted on March 26, 2010


Shaman Shiva and his pendulum at work

It’s like an 8-ball but better! It’s a pendulum. Pendulums are made with different stones and crystals. These stones and crystals vibrate with different frequencies, frequencies that can connect to chakras, intentions, and types of people. When looking for a pendulum, you should be able to immediately feel a connection between you and this spiritual tool.

How does a pendulum work?
Shiva: The bottom line of a pendulum is that it uses sacred geometry and our own finite connection with unity consciousness to channel harmonious answers to questions we may have but are concerned our egos are blocking us from seeing the actual truth.

What can we use a pendulum for?
Shiva: A pendulum can be used in almost any situation. If you are looking for a lost object you can use the pendulum and the force of its circular momentum to guide you closer to the lost object. If you are uncertain of a troublesome relationship you can ask the pendulum in yes or no questions things that you should do to bring your life into more harmony. The pendulum is a spiritual tool created by divine source consciousness to help us align our energies in a higher harmony. Being a tool, it should only be used as a tool and not as a solution. All in all, a pendulum can be used to bring clarification to the user when searching for a more harmonious manifestation of their intention.

What has been the most impactful use of the pendulum for you?
Shiva: I found the perfect apartment with my pendulum. While searching for a place in Cusco I kept my pendulum with me at all times. Mine guides by either a back and forth motion, which indicates “no,” or a circular motion, which indicates “yes.” Using these motions as guidance I was able to navigate my way to an apartment. Even though it had already been rented the night before, by following the lead of the pendulum I defied this obvious logical obstacle and the events turned out so that I got the apartment. There was a more significant question answered but I don’t feel comfortable sharing it at this time.

Can anybody utilize a pendulum in this way?
Shiva: If you are new to the potential uses of a pendulum and are just beginning a more disciplined spiritual path and you go buy a pendulum, you will need to spend the following 3 hours meditating with your new spiritual tool. If you cannot meditate for 3 hours you will have to wait until you can for the spiritual tool to function properly. While waiting you can practice meditation, mindfulness, and internal based methods at harmonizing your internal and external life.

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PS-  I’ll be a test run for ya’ll. I’ve been debating whether staying in Peru is the most beneficial course for me. We asked the pendulum. It strongly encouraged I do. Taking into account other things, I’ll stay in Peru. Keep updated on this blog to see how I’m doing!

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