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Posted on March 29, 2010


My mother made a comment recently that women today are pussies–no pun intended- when it comes to giving birth. With the popularity and availability of pain medications and epidurals, few women can even say they’ve experienced the actual pain that accompanies childbirth. I am not discounting the severity of those pains. I understand that it is the most physically painful experience in the world, or at least far up there. If men had to do it, please, they would never have a second kid.

So why does it matter? It says an incredible amount about us ladies that we were given and trusted with the gift of childbirth. Obviously in the divinity that is our creation and being, it was known we were capable of handling this very painful, but beautiful, experience. We have been doing it naturally for most of our history, why would we stop now?

Because we have accepted our subservience, our “lesser-than” status, we have rejected our wholeness, our purity, our immense wealth of being. We don’t believe we are capable of handling the experience but how far from the truth that is…

I think we need to embrace the pain. We are running from it, as we run farther and farther away from ourselves (our spirit/soul)… it is all connected… we are furthering the disconnect between our souls and bodies by rejecting the whole of the birthing experience.

Further, I was kind of appalled at the culture of birth in Peru. Turns out, a huge percentage of women here have C-sections. More than half. And they ELECT to have them. In my naive mind, I thought women only had C-sections when they HAD to, as in the health of the baby or mother was at stake. But it turns out women ELECT to have C-sections. And in Peru, they do so in high numbers. The media creates a culture of fear regarding natural birth, feeding propaganda about how it is dangerous for the mother and child, making them scared to even consider birthing their child. Instead, cutting the baby out is normal…

What a disconnect… I can’t imagine what an outside party would think, viewing this insanity that is human behavior…

WOMEN- you can take BACK the experience! It has been manipulated and twisted, re-defined by modern medicine and the masculine authority figure. But it is yours. It is beautiful. It represents the dynamic human experience, in it’s intense pain and even intenser bliss. embrace all of it.

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