A note on love

Posted on March 30, 2010


It’s called “Consciousness Revolution” by Isha. I got this book yearrsss ago from my beautiful mama. I never read it because at the time it wasn’t interesting to me. It’s funny because now, these are the things that are stimulating.. I’m starting to notice I don’t respond to drama and action the same way as before.

So from the title you get the jist of the book. It’s about consciousness. Consciousness is love. It’s the easiest word to define. It’s love, it’s oneness, it’s god, it’s you.

I want a quick word on love. We could talk for days and I will.. eventually

Lets clarify this word “love” because the nature of true love is NOT our human experience of love.  True love, real love, can only be experienced through enlightenment. Okay, the last definition– enlightenment is the complete, unconditional, love of self (again, we could talk more about enlightenment, but for now, this definition suffices). Without unconditional love of self, all of our feelings and expressions are the human experience of love, not the real thing.

Real love has no desire. It has no need. It has no conditions. It’s only there to give. It gives and gives and gives, it never stops. It doesn’t require anything back. The love that we are accustomed to experiencing as humans is laden with conditions. Most of all, it expects something in return. Love that comes from a source of enlightenment does not expect anything in return because it knows it already has everything– it needs nothing from outside.

I think humanity would benefit greatly by giving up each other for 6 months. It’s not that I don’t believe we can’t grow together, in partnership, but returning to our unconditional love of self is more difficult when we are in a relationship that we’ve grown to rely on for a sense of completion.

I can think of so many people I love (humanly of course, although I do hope to reach enlightenment at some point in my experience being :)) who are constantly with partners. They are in a cycle of relationships, one after another after another… and this is the truth: the reason you don’t want to be alone is because you don’t want to be with yourself.You don’t love yourself unconditionally.

We have to acknowledge this. Because our intellect has come up with a billion ways to justify our actions but the heart always knows. And that is why we have trouble in our relationships. Because we have expectations and needs. THIS creates the drama. We feel anger, sadness, guilt, stress, when things don’t work out as we want them too, or our partner doesn’t give us what we “need” and want. And our relationships will be filled with this drama until we return home and love ourselves unconditionally. Remember, true love is complete within itself. It needs nothing. It knows everything is within.

And lastly, true love never judges. So as I try to communicate Isha’s messages… don’t assume I am creating judgments about others behaviors. And don’t judge yourself based on perceptions of what you are doing “right” and “wrong.” Isha’s most repeated phrase is “everything is perfect.” And it is, but that’s for another post!

Expect many more postings that are inspired from this book. And expect to be deeply affected by Isha’s words. Because she’s returned home so she lives in love and everything she puts out is love. And because all we are, in totality, is love… it resonates deep within us.

ah! this song speaks from the perspective of unconditional love of self- it will ALWAYS be there with us!

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