For the Women

Posted on April 30, 2010


I had an experience in the beautiful Andes that spoke to me about my connection to the Pachamama. I wrote this to bring that celebration into expression. The Pachamama is a reflection of awakened consciousness so I hope this piece resonates with us to think about our ways.


For all my ladies struggling to see what it takes
To release the mental and physical pains of our aches
Let’s understand the elements of our feminine battle
And reverse our role so we can strengthen and empower.
We experience displaced frustration, released on each other
The slew of ugly names, “bitch-whore-thunder thigh”
That litter nearly every mouth in junior high
Don’t you see? We attack each other because we reject the mother
Your sisters are reflections of an energy we manifest
When we’re taught that our energy is weak, it turns into negative critique.
We experience hatred of our home, released on our body
We believe our worth is subject to their design
Of which they’ve conveniently handed us the guidelines
And since they come from a twisted eye
We live a brutal war, bodies mangled
Starved, pinched, prodded, hated
All because of one lie- beauty is outside.
We experience fear of our power, suffocating our voices
Tell me why the sway of our hips makes boys drop their lips
But the flow of our words makes us unheard
We learn to hold our breathe like Lady Macbeth
Not able to speak what we know
Fear of following the footsteps of Eve, how we’ll be perceived
Even though we taught every generation their ABCs.
We experience shame of our womb, covered in wounds
Covered in wounds a doctor can’t stitch
Wounds of submission
Because it’s okay to kiss our bodies
But when we’re ready to get real with our words
Suddenly we’re not that attractive any more
Realize the beautiful thing about our bodies is that they come with our mind
If you don’t want to caress our thoughts, forget about what you sought.
We experience too many one-way streets of giving
Everybody wants the comfort of our touch and energy
But unless you’ve mastered our Goddess school of thought
Expect a seat in the back of the class and prepare to be taught
Because our work should no longer be free for those who choose to ignore
The beauty and power that flows out of our mind’s door.
I mean to speak some truth but I know it’s only a part of the story
And my own experiences limit the scope of all our glory
Because we are Goddesses
We deserve nothing less than a love that reflects the immense amount we give
I’ve had enough of the emotional abuse and conflict we choose to relive
Our irreplaceable stream of feminine energy and thought
Is too powerful a tool for this battle to be anything but a victory
It just depends on, who is with me?

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