My Firsts

Posted on May 1, 2010


This is a list of Firsts I can recall since I’ve been in Peru.

  1. Traveled on an airplane alone
  2. Learned to live without a washer and dryer or laundrymat
  3. Made/Sold chocolate on the street
  4. Cared for a newborn ❤
  5. Had a Russian mobster pointed out to me
  6. Bathed in a river in the Amazon Jungle (consequently contracted parasitic infections)
  7. Spent two nights in an indigenous Shipibo village
  8. Got robbed + assaulted, on my way to the hospital nonetheless
  9. Engaged in various verbal arguments with Peruvian men on the street
  10. Spent 10+ hrs on a bus, a couple times
  11. Spent 5 hrs on a wooden boat, 2 times
  12. Canoed
  13. Meditated in the Andes
  14. Ate a lot of raw cocoa…
  15. Auctioned off a personal item (camera) for a place to sleep
  16. Drank/ate: soup/hot drinks/cold drinks/pasta/rice/everything out of a plastic bag
  17. Put mayo on my pizza… : /
  18. Wrote poems I shared
  19. Had jungle tobacco
  20. Burned off my eyelashes/eyebrows by gas oven explosion
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