Eve Ensler, The Divine Feminine

Posted on May 18, 2010


For the past three months I have been exploring, off and on, this divine feminine energy. If you haven’t guessed, I am a spiritual person and I do have a belief that our world is going to change dramatically within the next twelve years. The crux of this shift, this change, in my spiritual beliefs, revolves around our entering into the age of the feminine (in terms of astrological significance, a certain alignment that is taking place as I speak).

Eve Ensler has amazingly put into words the feelings and thoughts I’ve been having as I navigate this divine feminine energy. The masculine is about production, science, technological progress, all the things that have defined human evolution over the past hundreds of  years. It is time we activate what we’ve neglected– the inner girl. Humans cannot harmonize together or with this Earth if they are neglecting a core component of their self.

Men will have a lot harder time connecting to their inner girl. All this means is ladies, you’ve get to step it up a notch and HELP your brothers, fathers, partners, friends, strangers (why not?!), get comfortable with this idea that they, too, have a feminine side. Remind them, it doesn’t negate their masculine side! Breaking down dense belief systems is never easy but it is not impossible, either.

There is no reason why humans have to hurt themselves and each other. There is no excuse for the current world state of poverty that exist physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Embracing the divine feminine, or as Ensler says, the inner girl, will CATAPOLT human beings forward. I mean, CATAPOLT. Consciousness exist so that it can be shared. Please, please, consider, acknowledge, then embrace your wholeness. You will be rewarded beyond what I can yet comprehend.

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