5/23, Thoughts.

Posted on May 23, 2010


Last night/this morning (you know how that goes) was my last Saturday in Peru. Quite frankly, I didn’t know what to do. So around 10:30 pm, not having any friends I could call but knowing a few places I could go and see a familiar face, I took off. On my way down towards the action I saw my brother chatting inside a pizza shop. I grabbed him and we left for Km0. This is a bar where I know an Argentinian named Emiliano. My brother and I had Cuba Libres, chatted with Emiliano for a quick minute, and then headed off with one of the members of the band that had just finished playing. We walked with another Peruano and two Argentinian women to this man’s apartment. We enter his room, taking off our shoes. Shipibo patterned fabric, embroidered ceremony clothes, traditional musical instruments, pictures of his son, and candles decorated the room. Our night consisted of sharing this small space with spiritual conversation, insight, books, music, various instruments, and canabis : ) There was a time when our host was playing a flute and it had a trance like effect that was beautiful. I think that was when most my thoughts were manifested.

Thought #1

How we view and experience each other is going to need to change for our people to prosper. As I was sitting in this circle, with the Peruvian men, Argentinian women, American brother/sister duo, I really was not picking up any of the obvious distinctions and differences we tell ourselves exist, based on our social concepts and perspectives. It was more relevant and beneficial to feel the energy of the person. High energy vibrations attract high energy vibrations. Low energy vibrations attract low energy vibrations. If we could re-teach ourselves how to evaluate each other based on energy frequencies, which are reflected in our thoughts and actions, we would naturally harmonize our environment.

Thought #2

The community of people you keep around you is significant in your version of reality. They are the energies you most often indulge and swim within. If these people are not uplifting you, challenging you, encouraging you, loving you, they are probably not worth the energy that you give in keeping them a part of your life. Sometimes it can seem so hard because there are people in our life, like our family, that are never going to go anywhere, and people we’ve been friends with for so long they mine as well be family. And that is all well and comforting. But if these people are not co creating a harmonized reality with you, remove yourself from their energy sphere. Family is love, not blood. Family is action, not a definition. You can create your family and community based on love based companionship.  This is one I am really going to grapple with in the next few months. I’ve detached myself from almost everybody in my life. I have very few people that are still a close part of who I am and where I am going. But I need support and help and advice and love to keep going and for this I need to create a community for myself. I’m not 100% sure where I will be or who I will be with, but I trust that the Universe is looking out for me as I set out on this next phase of my journey.

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