Where is The Magic Show?

Posted on May 23, 2010


… it’s right next to you, it’s life! Everyday is filled with so much magic and we fail to see it. The cocoa reminded me of this a minute ago. I had the water on the stove heating and was in the process of making my hot chocolate. I use half part winters cocoa and half part sugar. The sugar is not the fine white kind nor is it the brown sugar I am used to using in the U.S. It is brown sugar, but caramel in color, and the “kernels” (for lack of a better word) are thick. The sugar looks as though it could completely engulf the cocoa, which is super fine, like flour. But no, the cocoa engulfs the sugar. It just doesn’t make sense but in a couple stirs the sugar is no longer visible. I never paid attention before but this early morning I did. In doing so I realized that what I saw was magic. Magic exists in our daily humdrum but not if we remove ourselves from its vibration. We need to open ourselves up to experiencing our world more child-like, spirited, and curious. When we do this, we will once again see the magic in it. Even though it’s right in front of us, we need to manifest the desire to have it be a part of our lives. Let something simple, like how I saw the interaction between the sugar and cocoa, amaze and mystify you. If you open up, you’ll receive, and there’s nothing like a gift from the universe.

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