The power of choice.

Posted on July 13, 2010


The power of choice.  Choice implies we have different ways to negotiate what is happening to us, inside and out. For much of humanity, given the factors that put physical boundaries on one’s life, the feeling of outside “choice” is not much of a feeling at all.

But what about inside?  To what extent do we find ourselves CHOOSING our emotional, mental, and spiritual state? Constantly. It is ALL a choice. People seem to really be bothered when you tell them this.

“But…,” they say, “I just lost my job. I have no money. I am so stressed and miserable. How could I not be?”

I don’t mean to dismiss the severity of anyone particular situation but at the end of the day, we do choose to feel what we feel. There are so many ghastly things going on in this world, I’d rather not sit here and criticize anyone for feeling sad, depressed, angry, etc. Especially if you are under extreme circumstances that are beyond what I could conceive.

For the purpose of this post, I would rather not super-analyze everything to the 10th degree. I am going to focus on what I observe and witness in my own life and among the people I’ve crossed in my life. These people, for the most part, are all at some point riddled with major life pains to varying degrees. Stress is a common thread. It seems everybody is stressed out, no matter how much money they have, where they came from, etc. Which, again, implies… are we choosing to feel stress?

Are we choosing to hold grudges? Are we choosing to be jealous? Are we choosing to be unhappy? Are we choosing to get angry? Are we choosing to feel like victims?

Well, anyone can tell you that experiencing an array of human emotions is natural. But  just be honest with yourself and those around you– how many people just ooze life? Fulfillment? Happiness? Love? Not many. And you could counter this but I would probably tell you that you’re not looking within enough to see through the facade that has been played out before us.

So why, then, are people using the natural gift of choice to choose stress, anger, and victimhood in overwhelming numbers? Like most things, emotions can be addicting. When you’re consciousness has been consumed by a world order that feeds and benefits from the lack of personal initiative, freedom, and fulfillment of its people (keeping them in a low-level consciousness, easy to control)…. these are the emotions you come to familiarize yourself with. You get to know them, inside and out, and become comfortable operating out of them. So when something “bad” happens to you, you automatically jump to the most comforting response you know– anger and stress.  People seem blind to the fact that there are OTHER ways of responding, internally, to “bad” situations.

For example, if you have a fight with someone, you will probably get angry first. If you explored that anger, would you really find it served you?  Did it accomplish anything? Did it create a new pathway that forges out of the old? NO. Because anger has been TRIED AND TRIED and never accomplishes anything outside of the norm. It IS the norm and when you want to reverse the patterns that have created controversy and fighting in the first place, you should probably avoid using the very responses that have been used forever and gotten us as a people nowhere but exploited and subservient.

What do you want? Do you want to be stressed out? Okay, not wonderful, but you know how to *be* this so *be* it if you choose.

Do you want to be calm and collective? Okay, choose it then. There is no law standing stating you have to react with stress and anger to every situation that tickles your nerve so why not choose a different approach? JUST CHOOSE.

Take responsibility for your internal state. Do not let it be dictated by anything outside of yourself. Let yourself decide what state you choose to live in.  It’s about time that choice leads to a different path– for me, for you, for everybody.

I hope everybody is having a beautiful year so far. Keep positivity and love in all areas of your life.


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