There are so few things I am sure of…

Posted on July 21, 2010


….here are some.

I am not in school to get a degree. My degree is English. That will get me nothing.

I am in school because I want to write better. Classes will force me to read and write, thus, my writing will naturally improve.

And, I’m 3/4 the way done. So I figure I will finish. That isn’t so important, though. I don’t think I will use my education for many practical purposes. I am a big big believer in the “everything you need to learn, you learn outside the classroom” school of thought. School is school. It’s limiting. Life is not.

After school, which will hopefully be this coming Spring, I am leaving.

I am certainly leaving New York. It is nice for a few years but no place to live for a whole lifetime.

I will keep working Customer Service online as a way to support myself. It allows a tremendous amount of freedom so I can go wherever I please and not have to worry about income.

I will go to Greece and India first. UH — I can TASTE it. Or maybe that’s the leftover keftedes…

I may end up going alone. That will be the most courageous thing I have ever done.

This kind of reminds me of a place a solo traveler would stay

Vincent van Gogh

Bedroom in Arles, 1888

Dreams, dreams, dreams. The future is full of them! And also completely unreal —  there is no future! That’s my goal for the moment — appreciation of the present. There is so much stuff to get excited about right now, too : ) And since the time when I wrote that sentence was 3:11, we have the pairing of 3’s and 1’s. I take this as a good sign. Here is one version of the significance of a 3’s and 1’s pairing: “Always, however, they (angels, when speaking of numerology– which is believed to be a means they connect with us through) teach that every creation begins at the level of thought and idea. Ask them to help you choose wisely that which you want.” Of course, who would argue with the creation of appreciation for the present? Gotta love the angels…

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