Pop n Lockn

Posted on July 27, 2010


Dreams are strange. Sometimes you remember them, sometimes you don’t. That’s strange.

They are also without boundaries and reveal all sorts of amazing things to you, in amazing ways. I had a slew of significant ones before I left for Peru. Since then, not many. Okay, well last night, a part of my dream ran this video through my head in a quick snippet.

I remember watching this video on replay for weeks when I first saw it. I was probably, 16? That’s about 5 years ago. I remember wanting to BE these girls. They seemed so confident, so strong, so powerful, so communicative. I especially liked the girl with the super long ponytail, but I’ve always been one for dramatics….

I haven’t thought about this battle in years so I think it is interesting my dream so clearly pointed me here. I did decide I was going to do Capoeira in the fall. My school offers it for free- amazing. I am a gymnast by nature and need to dance more (to balance my energy, says my Mayan reading) so I think I could find a place in this Copoeira, which I know almost nothing about except I will be able to use gymnast skills and that is enough.

So here’s a throwback pop and lockn battle. Still gets me excited.

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