Crop Circle on my Mother’s Bureau

Posted on July 28, 2010


Up Close

From an “aerial” view

Let me explain a few details. Recently, four or five days ago, my mother saw a quarter-size dollop of liquid on her bureau. It was brown in color, in between the consistency of coffee and paste. She naturally assumed I spilled something, although in this case I really didn’t. And she doesn’t spill things. I’m the mess. Even so, there was nothing around there to spill anyway.

She grabbed a napkin and wiped up this little “spill.” Instantly, THIS design appeared on her bureau. When I say “wiped up the spill,” I mean it very literally, as if you were simply wiping up a few water drops on your table. There was nothing unusual about it. The only unusual thing is that this appeared. I have spent a lot of time in my past perusing pictures of crop circles and this geometric array of shapes certainly resemble them.

I am very open to hearing anyone’s ideas. Does it look familiar to you? Do you have a plausible answer to what happened? It’s really strange, no?!

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