From Whom We Should Learn

Posted on July 28, 2010


At the Corbett National Park in India, Asian elephant, Madhuri found interest in a large lizard and swung it around for several days. In between swingings, she placed the lizard on her back.

Before being considered for a higher rank such as Bhikku, young monks under the age of 20 are called Samanera which translates to novice monk. The Samanera still follow the ten precepts and Buddhist lifestyle.

Nude is just better. Photograph by Milton Rogovin

The Penare people who live along the Amazon Basin in Venezuela. This picture made me think —  tell me why gender exists again? Without all the work that goes into creating and maintaining it, we wouldn’t strike any other species as particularly all that different from each other. And yes, these are children. Even so, children, too, are pushed into tight gender roles.

Color. Photographer Pete Turner

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