Casa Atabex

Posted on August 4, 2010


On Saturday I went to a “Take Back The Night” fundraiser. However, the lovely Agnes who organized the event decided that she would donate the money to a local organization, since Take Back The Night has become highly publicized and recognizable.

The organization she choose the donate the money to was Casa Atabex. Specifically, the money will go towards a new program that Casa Atabex is creating. The primary focus of this organization is empowerment for women and they especially cater to women of color, given the location in the South Bronx and all the beautiful women who run the program.

The reason why I was taken by this organization was because the crux of their work revolves around healing. I am really not a student in political and social schools of thought. I am more inclined to believe change occurs within first and foremost by the personal evolution of every being and not on large external circumstances.

The two women who came to represent the organization opened their work with a meditation. I loved that. I could tell these women also had very strong political and social ideas and motives and that is a-okay. I don’t want to judge or contend to know better ways. It was simply very refreshing to see how focused they were on internal healing, driven by the woman and for the woman. In Peru, I became a huge fan of the “Divine Feminine” work out there. The Goddesses. The unbalance of feminine/masculine energy is a core reason why this world is so far from being a place of beauty for many of its people. But to awaken the feminine, you do not go to your legislature. You do not sit and read books about taking action. You do not analyze systems and get angry. Maybe you just sit. Maybe you meditate. Maybe you let yourself feel into a deeper place. You go within.

And so that is why I would love to support this organization. Here is the website:

Show some love!

And lastly, I just want to give love to all the people that I saw at the fundraiser. The stories I heard were so powerful and heart wrenching.  The amount of courage it must have taken to share those stores is immense. The strength of women, never fails to amaze me.

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