Noni, elixer of the Earth GODS

Posted on August 5, 2010


I don’t know why it has taken me so long to talk about Noni.

Where to start….

I’ll keep it simple. I was introduced to Noni in Peru through my brother. What you see below is Noni Extract. So it is not the juice of the Noni fruit but the “extract,” whatever that means.

It is not like ACAI! Alright, Acai is nice, it is full of antioxidants and such, but this is Noni. You cannot make it trendy or tasty. And its medicinal properties are beyond those of fruits like Acai and the like. There is not a whole lot of research done by modern medicine but Indigenous peoples have been using Noni medicinally for thousands of years and all the little underground superfood companies are just now starting to bottle it up and sell it, albeit for $30 a bottle (less than a liter).

It is probably one of the most nasty things you can swallow. It grows on you so after a while that is no longer a fair thing to say. In the beginning, though, most people cannot swallow it without a lot of distress.  I still use a chaser, a small piece of apple or banana, to have ready to put in my mouth afterward, but everyday that need lessons.

I am currently in Noni withdrawal. In Peru, I only took Noni one week, consistently. It was when my parasites were at their worst and Noni is a detoxifying agent so it made sense to use this magical medicine. Other than that, I couldn’t really stomach it.

About 3 weeks ago I cracked open a bottle of Tahitian Noni my mom had received as a free gift for some networking thing. The company that sent it is now out of business. Not many people are big on Noni…? Anyway I finished this bottle in 2 weeks. It was different from the kind I had in Peru but I tried to trust it had the same healing properties.

My girl Cynthia is coming back from Ecuador soon and her aunt is trying to hook up a Noni connect. If it works, I should have some Ecuadorian Noni fruit extract in my system in a week or so. MMMMMMM. Bout’ time this feen gets her fix.

The actual fruit

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