So high… high?

Posted on August 9, 2010


You know when people say they are “high on life?

Okay, this is the irony of my post. I am enjoying a rum and coke at the moment. No, not drunk, lets be clear. But I simply thought, what makes this feeling nice? This feeling is the moment.  When you have smoked or drank, not in excess at least, you generally are not focused on your past or your future (the worries, I call it). No, you may be goofy and it may be induced, but you are kind of enthralled in the present. That is why so many people crave the high.

Just the other day someone asked me to define my version of “happiness,” since I seem to talk about my search for it a lot. To me, happiness is complete and utter love of the moment. Contentment in the moment. Life in the moment. The divine in the moment. It is the moment.

Of course, an alcohol or pot induced “happiness” doesn’t even compare to the power of real, present, happiness. But I do know what it is I am searching for. A life that resides in the moment. Not in a cliche “live in the moment! (but really, don’t…)” way, but the only way I know to experience love and divine. In the moment. Where everything exists.

I hope this was coherent. I have to go eat my homemade [  😉  ] tzatziki, Greek salad, toasted pita, and eggplant fritters. Yummm. If I can’t find happiness in this moment, what a lost cause I am!

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